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and everyday experiences as I spend two years working as an environmental Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji

Saturday, June 11, 2011

When in Suva...

So it seems that I'm attempting to get as many ailments as possible right off the bat in some effort to get it all over with quickly. Consequently, I'm currently spending some time near Peace Corps HQ whilst I ummm get better. The upside is that I have access to some internet caffes AND I went to a movie!

Attempt two at pictures! Go! These are some of the shots that I took at our training site prior to moving into the home stay villages.

Nausori town where our technical training is held.

The view from my window (this was at the training site before moving into our home stays).

My tin box of goodies! Books, pillow, and water purifier.

Mosquito nets save lives.

The burres (huts) that we were staying prior to home stay.

The view!

Some of the guys hanging out and looking natural outside their burre.

Joel teaching Sam how to box.

A purple sky?? Well we are in the South Pacific.

The river next to our training site.

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