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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meke ni Veli Pictures!

Looking intense ... or confused? Prior to our epic meke.

Lined up and doing the cobo (clapping  part that happens first). So far so good.

Kim and Brian mid dance. I can't tell if they're on the right step or not.

The tall ones in the group have just jumped into the ceiling.

And we lose it...Clearly, I have no idea what's going on. I'm doing one verse while Jon and Milli are looking to Rupeni for guidance on what the hell verse we're supposed to be on.

White powder slapped across the face and candy in the mouth. You try dancing while someone does this and not chip a tooth.

Jon, Milli, and Rupeni... apparently not doing anything but at least they're in agreement about it.

The cobo following the meke. The look of confusion explains a lot.

This was our audience!

 I hope those pictures can convey at least some of the feel of our meke. It was a really fun day and I think that even though we may have completely butchered the dance that everyone was entertained and our village appreciative of our efforts.


So, this is a completely different day but I just had to post these pictures! A few weeks ago, I discovered that my host brother, much like every other Fijian, has never heard of smores or roasting marshmallows. In an effort to remedy this, my mom and dad lovingly and amazingly sent me two packs of jiffypuff marshmallows. And though it took over a month to reach me, they did arrive and they were intact and wonderfully fluffy. I then proceeded to instruct my brother on proper marshmallow roasting etiquette (just lats night!) and introduce him to the glory of smores (or rather make shift smores being that there are no graham crackers here; we used plain breakfast crackers and it more or less got the message across).

I may have created an addict...I think he had at least 6 of those delicious little sandwiches!

So after getting all hocked up on marshmallowy sugar, we decided to joke around. My brother was wearing a hoody because it was cold out (roughly 65F) and aside from me relentlessly picking on him for it he thought he looked like a regular 'hoodlum' ... so naturally this picture was taken as a result :).

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  1. Everyone should know smores. I'm glad to hear the Peace Corp is doing good work! :)