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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Village at Last!

I won't post the name of my village or the names of my family on the blog but feel free to privately message me with questions. I can say that I am on Viti Levu not far from Suva and I love it to death! It's hard to capture this love in my pictures but hopefully you'll have some idea of where I'm at.

The river across the street from our village. Lots of freshwater mussels!

Walk way along the street.

In language class in the vale ni sogo  (village meeting hall). That's my teacher, Viri.

View of the village from our group garden across the creek.

Making our teitei! (garden)

See what a machete can do? I should mention that these beds are actually on a steep slope that was extremely muddy and was constantly threatening to send us cascading down the hill into the creek below. Extreme gardening anyone?
Kids in our village playing with a frisbee, something they've never done before.

The local elementary school! This is my favorite picture yet. I erased part of the name on the sign for obvious reasons.

The fishery right next door. One of only two aquaculture research stations in Fiji.

Drying clothes.

My room!

Your average four inch spider. If you look closely you can see that it has its leg in its mouth. That's because its hungry I wouldn't let it bite me. Shortly after I took this picture, my brother made fun of me and tried to pick it up to bring it outside. It proceeded to run up his arm and launch itself off his shoulder into the middle of the room. I may or may not have screamed as it hurtled (as spiders do) in my general direction (a solid 10 feet away no less). It landed and took off for some corner crevice. He's still around somewhere no doubt.

Scraping the inside of a coconut. Mmm you can make some delicious scones with this.

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