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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Suva, Fishing, Iron Chef, and a New Embassy!

The view of Suva harbor.

The view from my hotel balcony where they had me stay during my time as a sick exile.

Downtown Suva

Kim and Brian prepping our food for the Iron Chef competition. We won with our pumpkin risotto...I'm still not sure how that happened.

The spread at Iron Chef! There were so many delicious dishes - various curries, coconut chutney, mini pizzas, roti, salads, make shift tacos and lentil burgers. There was much more but I can't remember.
Hacking up some thick mud in search of some nice big, juicy earth worms.

My Na walking us down the path to the creek. She's carrying the fishing poles that we would be using. Basically, a rod just consists of a long piece of wood with fishing line tied to one end, a piece of foam tied to the string a few feet from the tip and a hook tied to the other end. The string is just long enough that the hook can snag onto the bottom end of the pole for storage. They work pretty well!

Just look at our delicious catch! All fried up and ready to eat. There were a few different types of fish that we caught but I can't remember their names. The only one I recognized was Tilapia - that would be the big one. They did taste surprisingly good but the bones were a serious pain. Meat and fish are never de-boned here.

The new U.S. Embassy - this was at the official opening ceremony.

The U.S. Ambassador to Fiji (and other South Pacific islands) - Steven McGann

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  1. vecchio fratelloJune 29, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    Wow what's beautiful place! I really hope to get to see it :)